You say potato…

In Ireland, the vast majority of apartments for rent are furnished. This is a very good thing if you’ve sold all your furniture (including your baby – a 55″ Samsung LED flatscreen TV 😭) and left the rest of your stuff to clog up your long-suffering parents’ attic.

It’s also an interesting situation since you’re pretty much entirely dependent on the whims of your future landlord. (There’s also the matter of how…fresh….your bed is – but let’s just not think about that.)

The decor in the apartment that my roommate and I chose could definitely be classified as “quirky,” to say the least. Here are some examples:

  1. The walls are bright green, which should make our squirrel [pillow] feel right at home:IMG_5201_25
  2. That is, unless the door stop comes to life.IMG_5190_40
  3. Most of the kitchen walls are either bright red…IMG_5196_40
  4. …or a chalkboard (we had an interactive house-warming and got our friends to write down travel recommendations):IMG_5193_40
  5. The mood lighting might make you think you’re in a red-light district, until you see the dog-butt coat hooks: IMG_5191_40
  6. These are definitely Ikea wine racks – but I’ll take (and fill) them!IMG_5195_40

But anyways, all these aside, there were two things that really puzzled us:

  1. Gertrude (she deserves her own blog post. Stay tuned)
  2. Our wall art

Two of these decorations – while quirky – are at least relatively consistent with the rest of the decor. The third however…IMG_5100

We don’t know what the third picture is. Specifically…we don’t know if it’s a potato or an asteroid:


Now, given that this is Ireland, there’s a strong chance that this is a potato.

However, taking into account the dark background, it’s also possible that we have on our hands a Star Wars-esque scenario:

Additionally, a quick Google of “asteroid potato” turns up a surprising number of similar, real-life images – including this one of Phobos, potentially a captured asteroid:


(Side note: I also googled “space potato” to make sure I was appropriately expanding my search terms. I was not disappointed:Space potato

Anyways, since this is Ireland, we are 60/40 sure that this is a potato. What other country would pay money to print, mount, and hang a potato on their wall?

But the jury is definitely still out. What do you think this is???


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